Mood & Uplighting


Mood & Uplighting



Added Extras For Your Wedding Reception

The picture above shows a stunning venue, the Mansfield Manor Hotel, with our dry ice option – Dancing on a Cloud.

Here at Amp and Decks we have the latest Wireless LED Mood Lighting, sometimes known as Venue Uplighting. Our wireless fixtures can be placed around your venue in either your chosen colour or as a series of colours. You can also decide where you wish to place the fixtures or alternatively we can use our own discretion. The fixtures are LED, wireless, with very little heat output, making them a safer option.

Our Mood lighting can be used to provide either floods of light, bathing your whole venue in your chosen colours, lighting up walls, making them bright and vibrant. We can also Mood Light bar areas, marquees or your entrance hall to your venue. With accents of light we can highlight focal points of the room such as pillars, ornaments, statues etc. This is the perfect way to impress your guests and to give your venue that “WOW” factor. Mood Lighting is highly recommended for anyone looking for a unique feel and wanting to create the perfect atmosphere.

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